Please note that I can properly supervise one MSc or MSci student per year only. If you are interested in doing a project with me, you should have an excellent maths and physics background and get in touch early.

I am happy to supervise student projects in the all areas of gravitation and cosmology. Current projects include:

  • Slowly rotating fluids in general relativity
  • Continuum mechanics
  • Cosserat elasticity
  • Dynamical systems in cosmology
  • Carter-Pensore diagrams
  • Centre manifolds and normal forms in cosmology
  • Modified gravity


PhD students

Sebastian Beltran Continuum mechanics, wormholes
Matthew Wright General relativity, dynamical systems in cosmology

Past PhD students

Nicola Tamanini Modified gravity, teleparallel gravity → CEA-Saclay
Atifah Mussa Exact solutions, modified gravity
Rob Downes (PhD student of Dmitri Vassiliev) Teleparallel gravity
Nyein Chan Dark energy, dynamical systems in cosmologySwinburne
James Burnett (PhD student of Dmitri Vassiliev) Dark spinors in gravitation and cosmology

Past MSc/MSci/Summer students

Tharshiya Packianathan Dynamical Systems in Cosmology
Belgin Seymenoglu Elastic and Microelastic Waves → UCL
Richard Murphy Continuum mechanics and general relativity
Andrew Hindmarsh Dynamical Systems in Cosmology
Louie Corpe The helicity operator → Imperial
Susan Vu Spinors in gravitation and cosmology → Sheffield
Noel Hustler Dark spinors in gravitation and cosmology → Imperial
Ryan Turner The general relativistic Lane Emden equation
Sebastian Meznaric Weyl conformal gravity and galactic dark matter → Oxford
Rahul Sharma Dynamical dark energy models
Alan Zablocki Charged perfect fluid spheres → Chicago
Eldad Shulman Anisotropic inflation
Mehdi Khelif Cosmological models from a dynamical systems point of view