Before the pandamic I gave several interviews for the Faculti Platform Faculti about recent projects. The Faculti Platform is a reference tool which aims to give users instant access to relevant and up-to-date academic and professional research insights. Students at UCL can access all resources as UCL in subscribed to the platform.

  1. Interview at Faculti on Modified teleparallel theories of gravity
  2. Interview at Faculti on Regular black holes in 4-dimensional Born-Infeld gravity
  3. Interview at Faculti on Chirality in the plane

Lunch Hour Lectures are an opportunity to showcase research to the public. I have given such a lecture talking about my current research on continuum mechanics and general relativity. The lectures are streamed live online, my lecture can be found below, or here.

UCL offers exciting Outreach Activities which are organised by UCL Outreach. I give regular talks on Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity. To visualise some of the intriguing features of special and general relativity I am showing a few short video clips. Many great videos about relativity can be found on YouTube.

The UCL Science Centre runs lectures for 6th Form students and teachers, so far I have been involved in two such lectures. The lecture theatre tends to be packed with highly interested students. The subsequent 40 minutes question session confirmed that Einstein's Theory, despite being more than 90 years old by now, is mesmerising.

In my talks the basic principles of Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity are introduced. In the context of special relativity the famous twin paradox is discussed and its possible implications for time travel. After describing one of the buildings blocks of general relativity which is a four-dimensional spacetime that curves due to the presence of matter, specific solutions like black holes and wormholes are discussed. The final part of the lecture is about cosmology and topical issues like dark energy and dark matter. My presentation is available here PDF (3.9MB)